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Krsnaraya said: "So long as Vira Narasimharaya bore
the burden of the kingdom, Acyutaraya, Candramauli* and
ourselves sat (comfortably at home). Now that we have been
asked to bear the burden of the kingdom, we desire that you
who are proficient in the art of government should clearly
explain to us how an enthroned monarch should conduct
himself; what he shoiild do to protect the people, regulate the
conduct of servants and acquire merit; what measures he
should adopt to conquer enemies,, to nourish his friends and
followers, and reward his servants. What are the situations in
which a king should protect bimseli ? How should he proceed
to acquire wealth and spend it? How can he acquire name and
fame permanently"? "
The four ministers, Appaji, Ayyamarasa, Kondamarasa,
and Bacarasa replied: " What Your Majesty desires to know
is, indeed, the policy agreeable to ethics. To discuss all
the principles of conduct and discrimination as well as the ways
and means of carrying on the affairs (of state) with the coun-
sellors, contributes to the acquisition of mastery over all
things, f The king is nothing less than a partial manifestation
of Visnu, for the Lord said (to Arjtma) that among men he is
A verse* on political ethics describes the Sabhapati or
the President of an assembly thus :
" He who is young, wears jewels set with nine kinds of gems, perfume*
his body with the fragrance of sandal and flowers, and surrounds himself
with (subordinate) tings, deserves to be called the SabTidpati "
" It is proper that he who is wealthy, "victorious, noble-minded and
resplendent with desirable qualities should sit enthroned in the midst of that
" Thus an enthroned king should know the seven members
of royalty such as king, minister, ally, treasury, dominion, fort
*Tfce identity of this prince is not known.
fTh> science in thft original Is corropt> and an ac&afcte renforlnfc i* not possible.
What is given is only a paraphrase.
t Two vtrses we, aŤ & matter of fcet, cited in this